Per i fan di Lost

E quindi anche per me!
Ascoltatevi questo capolavoro di canzone!

When you’re caught on an island
‘cos someone crashed a plane
surrounded by some strangers
who complain, complain, complain

you could sit there forever
waiting on the ground
or you could try to find yourself…
in the lost and found

and around here we know
that Others will watch where we go
inject us with drugs and
burn somebody’s boat

LOST, when you need somebody
LOST, when it’s Damon Lindelof
when you killed your dad
but you don’t know why
and what’s with this guy with the weird eyes?
and why are they wearing this disguise?

LOST, have another flashback
LOST, and in this week’s podcast scoff
at the mild spoilers
you can’t be sure that anyone’s headed to the shore
they think you’re all dead
and what’s more
land’s a bore….

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